When fighting for what’s yours, MAKE sure it’s yours!!

Too many girls fight over guys that don’t even belong to them. I just got out of a relationship where I was sharing my boyfriend. He was dating me and the girl who I thought was his “Ex”. He made it seem that she was the one who couldn’t let him go and was all over him and I believe him not knowing. I wasn’t the one to fight over a guy but that didn’t stop the girl, in fact she hated me, call my phone private constantly. In the end when I caught him, he chose me and made her feel stupid but I can never be with a guy who does that. She called, apologize and now we are cool but I think she still wants to be with him. I hate seeing girls fight each other over a guy who just play them. They should be ganging up on the guy but instead they are to busy fighting each other to notice that they just got used.